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iWaldorf is the portal to three websites developed by Eugene Schwartz and Raine Springer to present Waldorf/Steiner educational methods and to offer myriad resources, conferences, podcasts, and videos to teachers, parents, and educators throughout the world. Scroll down this page to view all that we offer, and click on the icons and links to access hundreds of hours of helpful and informative materials.
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Free Podcasts for
Teachers & Parents

These free podcasts are recordings of lectures that Eugene Schwartz has given in Waldorf settings worldwide. They touch on themes as varied as child development, the role of the class teacher, the challenges of homeschooling, and the inner path of the teacher. Click on the button below for details and links.
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The Online Conferences
for Grades 1-8

The Online Conferences are not merely a substitute for “live” conferences. Rather, they are a re-imagination of what a teachers’ conference can be. They utilize audio files of lectures, slideshows of student work, and training films. Click on the button below for details, contents, and samples of conference lectures and videos.

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The Online Catalog:
Lectures and Images

Our Online Catalog offers for sale a comprehensive collection of audio lectures on all aspects of Waldorf education for teachers and parents. In addition, we offer the world's largest collection of student drawings and compositions, all available for downloading. "Master Classes" lectures by Eugene Schwartz help teachers prepare for a new grade.

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A Streaming Online Course
with Eugene Schwartz

Between the older independent Waldorf schools and the newer and larger public Waldorf schools, it is likely that nowadays a majority of teachers may pay lip service to the Michaelmas Festival as a Waldorf tradition, but do not believe that Michael or his Dragon nemesis are real. Viewing Michael from historical, cultural, and spiritual perspectives, Eugene Schwartz reveals that the Archangel is not only "real" in himself, but is also the foundation of the reality of the Waldorf movement.
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A Streaming Online Course
with Eugene Schwartz

Although our course title might sound like science fiction, rest assured that the issues this course addresses are not imaginary! In these lectures Eugene Schwartz contends that the eight-year term of the Class Teacher is an essential element in Steiner's vision of an education that would serve children, families, and teachers alike. He examines the flawed rationale behind the diminution of the Class Teacher's role and provides insights into the 8-year rhythm.
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A Streaming Online Course
with Eugene Schwartz

Every new social problem that arises in the Waldorf movement typically elicits reactions such as, "The Waldorf curriculum can't speak to this problem," or "Rudolf Steiner's century-old approach to child development has to be radically changed to meet this problem." Eugene contends that the Waldorf curriculum and its principles of child development were actually ahead of their time. They can provide what we need to meet today's problems, including gender dysphoria.
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Rudolf Steiner Course

Eugene Schwartz has created the first downloadable exploration of Rudolf Steiner's life and work. His aim is to both deepen and broaden our understanding of Steiner’s contributions to the modern world. The result is a series of lectures that explore Steiner’s biography, the times in which he lived, and, above all, the significance of his spiritual path.
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A Streaming Online Course
with Eugene Schwartz

This workshop was created to counterbalance the lack of anthroposophical content in the 2023 Alliance for Public Waldorf Education Conference, Growing Into the Future: Creating a Culture of Belonging. Approaching the conference theme from a deeply anthroposophical perspective, Eugene Schwartz provides an in-depth overview of solutions to such contemporary educational challenges as loneliness and alienation.
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1919: Discord & Destiny

Eugene Schwartz contends that the turbulent year of 1919 was destined to be the only year in which Rudolf Steiner could have founded Waldorf education. Eugene places this new school in the context of the tumultuous months after World War One. He explores the ramifications of the worldwide Influenza epidemic and other earth-shaking events.
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Free Slideshows of Student Work

One of the most powerful testimonies of the efficacy of Waldorf education is the high quality of the work that students produce. Sadly, very little of this work has been photographed, and even less has found its way online. To mitigate this deficit, Eugene Schwartz has created a set of remarkable slideshows highlighting the work of students in Grades 1-8, with illuminating written commentary. Click on the buttons below for details and links.
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History Through Drama:
An Online High School Course

Waldorf grade schools serve thousands of children, but only a few hundred students are served by a small number of Waldorf high schools. For the first time, a complete high school main lesson block is available to homeschoolers and non-Waldorf high school students. 20 hours of video main lessons led by Eugene Schwartz and a remarkable interactive timeline provide an experience as rich and illuminating as a "live" high school class.
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Free Videos for
Teachers & Parents

These free videos present lectures that Eugene Schwartz has given in Waldorf settings worldwide as well as "short courses" on aspects of Waldorf education. Eugene was the very first Waldorf practitioner to allow his lectures to be filmed, and he courageously pioneered the development of Waldorf materials on YouTube.
The videos cover a wide range of themes and subjects.
Click on the button below for links.
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Waldorf 20/20

In 2019, Waldorf and Rudolf Steiner schools worldwide will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart, Germany, in the fall of 1919. This series of lectures, however, sets its sights on the year after 2019, when the Waldorf movement will wonder whether Waldorf schools have what it takes to thrive in the 21st century.
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Free Articles for
Teachers & Parents

Eugene Schwartz has been published widely in Waldorf journals and his 10 books and many essays have been translated into seven languages. His book, The Waldorf Teacher's Survival Guide, is considered basic reading for Waldorf teachers. Parents will also appreciate their scope, breadth, and depth.
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December through February
June through September

By popular request, we are offering an online conference that specifically addresses the teaching of Physics and Chemistry in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades of the Waldorf school. Until now, the remarkable Middle School Laboratory Sciences videos of Roberto Trostli and Eugene Schwartz's slideshows of main lesson book pages have only been available as part of the Online Conferences for Grades 6, 7, and 8. At long last they available as this stand-alone course. Ensouling Science also includes lectures on the teaching of the laboratory sciences by Roberto and an insightful presentation by Eugene about how Physics and Chemistry meet the developing pubescent and adolescent student.

Phone Consultations

Eugene Schwartz is also available to advise and mentor by phone. Although this is not meant to be a substitute for on-site, person-to-person consulting, we feel that this service can answer some of the pressing needs of today's teachers and homeschooling parents. It is Eugene's hope to offer his help in an affordable and accessible manner. Click on the button below for details.

School Visits
and Mentoring

Unaffiliated with any school, training center, or schools’ association, Eugene Schwartz is a uniquely independent voice in the Waldorf school movement. There are few as qualified as Eugene to responsibly predict the consequences of today’s decisions and actions on the destiny of tomorrow’s schools.
Click on the button below for links to Eugene's biography and offerings.

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