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If you are interested in this course,
please contact us at: iwaldorf@icloud.com

If you are interested in this course,
please contact us at: iwaldorf@icloud.com

By popular demand, we are repeating this workshop, which was originally offered from January 6th though January 8th.

The aim of this workshop is to examine the theme of the recent Alliance for Public Waldorf Education Conference,
Growing Into the Future: Creating a Culture of Belonging. Approaching the conference theme from an anthroposophical perspective, we hope to provide an in-depth overview — one that that you may not have received at the conference itself.
We recognize that, as an association of publicly-funded schools, the Alliance has to adhere to many constraints: some legal, some regulatory, and some self-imposed. Over the past decade, the connection of public Waldorf schools to their anthroposophical foundations has slowly diminished. This is partly due to their expansive growth, but it is also a matter of choice. The Alliance certainly supports what Eugene would call the "physics" of Waldorf education, i.e. the methods and the techniques. However, the Alliance provides fewer opportunities for its practitioners to study and apply what he would term "Waldorf metaphysics," i.e. the anthroposophical foundations that constitute the soul and spirit of every healthy Waldorf school.
But be forewarned:
Lecture 1 will explore the themes of Karma and reincarnation as a foundation for understanding why today’s child struggles so powerfully to "belong." And we will ask, "Belonging to
Lecture 2 will examine the power that a public Waldorf school teacher is granted, via the Waldorf curriculum, to foster a culture of belonging. To get there, we will examine the precept that before we set about making major changes in the curriculum we need to see what it
already contains in the way of social healing.
If you are not interested in, or even antagonistic towards, these approaches, then do not proceed: these lectures are not for you. However, if you find these provocative inquiries to be intriguing, please join us. We are so certain that they will provide a stimulating and deepening coda to last weekend’s Alliance Conference that we are pleased to offer this workshop for free.

The Lectures

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Lecture 1: Being and Becoming

"Belonging": the origin of the word and its meanings. The reincarnating soul and the polarity of belonging and exclusion. Karma in time and in space; race and gender, friends and lovers. Karmic groups and the rhythm of incarnation. Karmic disruption in our time as the shadow of individuality and independence.

[Running Time 1 hour, 30 minutes]

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Lecture 2: Longing and Learning

Angels, Archangels, and the Waldorf school. When does a child take on their "own" karma? The streams of Time and Space experienced through the study of History, Geography, and World Languages. Belonging to the world. The Waldorf classroom as a center of karmic adjustment.

[Running Time 1 hour, 50 minutes]

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