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The Online Conferences for Grades 1-8
Schools May Be Closed, But We Are Open

Friends and colleagues from Waldorf schools across the world have been sharing with us the challenge of school closings due to the coronavirus pandemic. We would like to offer some help. Instead of waiting until June to start the 2020 term of our Online Conferences for Grades 1-8, we’ve made them available starting Monday, March 16. As always, you can participate from home, accessing the conferences from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You can go online right away! New participants can begin their two-week course within 24 hours of registering, and the many teachers who have already registered for the summer months may change their starting date and begin immediately. This extension will be of help to:

· Teachers who want to use their “time off” from school to get a head start on the grade to come.
· Teachers who are suddenly responsible for providing online lessons for their class and want to experience for themselves the lively and engaging way in which the Online Conferences present Waldorf curricular content.
· Parents who find themselves having to educate their own child for an indeterminate period of time; the Online Conferences provide a comprehensive and eminently practical approach to Waldorf pedagogy.

We know many of our colleagues will be focused on attending the Waldorf 100 “Innovation” joint AWSNA and Alliance conference in June. We suggest that you use the March and April weeks that you are home from school to prepare for your new grade with the Online Conferences and give yourself more time to “breathe out” this summer.

To learn more about the Online Conferences, visit us at: iwaldorf.net/online.html

To register for a conference, go to: https://fs24.formsite.com/Waldorf/onlineconfs/index.html
Teachers and parents who participated in an Online Conference in the summer of 2019 may sign up for a “Refresher Course,” during which their conference content is made available to them for three days. To learn more, contact us at: iwaldorf@icloud.com